College Review

College Review has been developed in partnership with Grantham College and a small group of Colleges of Further Education that initiated the ever expanding User Group. Click to open/ download a document setting out their experience to date and their feedback. These Colleges will provide advice and guidance to Colleges that are starting to use, or are considering the use of, College Review

There is a mini website to help you evaluate all the features of College Review. This site decribes the features, with screen images, that provide support. Click here to open ''Working with College Review'.

Alternatively download the software and evaluate it with the mini website open for guidance.

Open/ download an electonic flyer in .pdf format for general introduction purposes.

Most Colleges request a visit so that senior managers can understand the features and discuss how College Review can be integrated with their existing systems. Please contact Anthony Darbyshire (01777-711141) to set up a visit .

College Review is used by those concerned with performance and quality management in Colleges of Further Education and 6th Form Colleges - Deputy Principals, Heads of Standards, Performance/ Quality Managers etc. They will discuss, and agree, its use within the College and organise its deployment, as appropriate.

College Review was launched: as version 3.4 in 2004 and upgraded initially to versions 3.4.1 and 3.4.2 and 3.5 in 2004 with a further major upgrade to version 4.1 in Autumn 2005 to meet the needs of the core User Group.

College Review's framework and software features: The framework and software features of College Review are fully described, with screen shots, in the mini website Working with College Review

The User Group: All users of College Review, who have a full annual licence, are members of the College Review User Group which meets regularly to discuss best practise in using College Review and identify and agree added value upgrades to the software;

Members of the User Group are also forming relationships to share their templates and their evolving practice.

The cost of agreed software upgrades is shared by members of the User Group.

IT Training Guide: To enable experienced users of the software to train others who will use the software in their College there is an IT Training Guide that can be downloaded in PDF format and printed out. This IT training pack can also be used by individuals. In all cases those receiving training should complete the IT exercises on their computer.

Mini Website: To support training the mini website, which descibes all the features, with screen shots, can be downloaded as a zip file.

Latest News: Watch the home page for the latest news on product development