Click here to open ''Working with Independent School Review' to review how the program is used, its features and its outputs.

Alternatively download the software program and evaluate with this mini website open for guidance or use the rapid software evalution routines. Click here for ISR Department Self Evaluation and here for ISR Performance Management

Independent School Review has been developed with input and support from Independent Professional Development and a small group of HMI Independent Schools that formed an embryo User Group. Click here for a one page .pdf flyer to discuss with colleagues

Independent School Review is aimed at those who are concerned with self-evaluation and performance management in their Independent School - Heads, Deputy Heads, Department Heads, Staff responsible for Performance/ Quality etc. They will discuss, and agree, how the program, or programs, can be used within the School and organise deployment, as appropriate.

The key outputs of Independent School Review are subject/ department/ school self-evaluation reports, ISC & CSCI pre-inspection self-evaluation reports, improvement action plans that can be monitored and balanced scorecard performance reports which are fully described in Working with Independent School Review. There is a document that can be accessed to descibe all the self-evaluation and report options that are available using a number of workbooks.

Independent School Review was launched in June 2006 and upgraded with input from the embryo User Group after actual use.

Experience shows that the best way to introduce Independent School Review is for Anthony Darbyshire to visit the school for a 3 hour session with the Head and senior colleagues. The session comprises a demonstration of all sooftware features, a debate on how best to use and deploy the software and a practical IT session. This lays the foundation for a successful introduction.

A current aim is to introduce these programs, by demonstration, to as many schools as possible. If you are a member of a regional group, e.g. Deputy Heads, which would be interested in these new products, please contact Anthony Darbyshire (01777-711141) to arrange a presentation at a regional meeting.

User Group: All users of Independent School Review , who have an annual licence, are members of the Independent School Review User Group. There is a directory of User Group members so that they can contact each other to discuss best practice in using the program. If appropriate a User Group meeting can be organised.

IT Training Guide: Click here to view, or download, an ISR IT Training Guide which can be used by individuals learning how to use the software or by experienced users of the software to train others who will use the software in their School.

Latest News: Watch the home page for the latest news on product development