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investor was developed with Investors in People UK who approved the content and provided the staff survey forms that are included within the software

The purpose of investor:

  • To provide a complete framework to support those who are seeking to become recognised as an Investor in People.
  • To enable organisations to self-assess the benefits of becoming an Investors in People.

investor is used:

  • By Project Leaders and Quality Managers.
  • By consultants.

investor was launched: as version 3.1 in 1999 with the upgrade version 3.2 being introduced in 2004

investor's core framework:

  • 44 quality statements that represents the practice implicit in the wording of the 12 assessment indicators and the supporting evidence for each assessment indicator.
  • Survey materials to cover all employees, managers only and senior team members only to establish the practice that exists against the detailed wording of the assessment indicators.
  • 29 indicators of performance to measure how achievement of the Investors in People Standard has impacted on performance.

investor self-assessment process:

  • The self-assessment process for assessing your position is similar to that used for general performance improvement projects but differs in that it is strongly recommended that you establish the current position by surveying all employees and managers initially and before applying for assessment.
  • The results of surveys will clearly identify where improvement needs to be made.

investor software features:

  • Survey materials approved by Investors in People UK.
  • Screens to record the consensus score for each quality statement with notes.
  • Bar chart screens to show the position against the assessment indicators.
  • The scored position against each of the 12 assessment indicators with the option of noting strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Improvement action points against each of the 12 assessment indicators with an action plan organising the action points to create overall plans or plans for responsibilities or specific themes.
  • A feature to note your supporting evidence against the 12 assessment indicators.
  • A framework of 29 indicators of performance to measure change in performance over a period of time.
  • A comprehensive User Guide (.pdf) and other help tools.

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