Premier Practice
Full details of Premier Practice

Premier Practice has been developed in partnership with The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

The purpose of Premier Practice:

  • To provide a framework to improve performance in the context of management practice as recommended by the Institute.
  • To facilitate involvement in self-assessing the practice and performance of parts of an accountancy firm and/ or the firm as a whole.
  • To indicate the firm’s position against the EFQM Excellence Model.

Premier Practice is used: by partners and staff in the firm seeking to improve performance.

Premier Practice was launched: in 2002 as version 3.3

Premier Practice's core framework:

  • 106 quality statements with subsidiary statements that represent the practice of well managed firms of accountants.
  • Workbooks, to enable individuals to note, against the 106 quality statements, their perceptions of strengths, areas for improvement, supporting evidence and a score for each quality statement.

Premier Practice's Software Features:

  • A framework to record the consensus score for each quality statement with notes of the agreed strengths, areas for improvement and supporting evidence.
  • Bar chart screens to show the position against various themes.
  • The position, as determined by self-evaluation, against the criterion of the EFQM Excellence Model.
  • Improvement action points against each quality statement with an action plan feature that sorts the action points to create overall plans or plans for quality standards, responsibilities or specific projects.
  • Many useful features to collate, manipulate and output the data stored as a result of self-assessment in at department or organisation level.
  • A comprehensive User Guide (.pdf) and other help tools.

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