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School Review provides powerful support for on-line self-evaluation, achieving the criteria of Every Child Matters and the 2005 Ofsted Inspection framework

School Review:

  • makes school self-evaluation and improvement planning more effective;
  • provides a consistent structure for involving staff, effectively , in self-evaluation;
  • identifies current strengths and areas for improvement more accurately;
  • provides better input to support the Headteacher when completing on-line self-evaluation;
  • enables self-evaluation against the criteria of the outcomes of Every Child Matters
  • facilitates self-evaluation against the criteria of quality standards and quality marks and support the achievement of awards;
  • improves prioritisation and management of action plans;
  • is able to indicate the school's position against the EFQM Excellence Model;
  • saves time in recording and manipulating all the information that underpins self-evaluation and school improvement;
  • enhances the capability of a school to sustain its own self-improvement

School Review is used: by the Headteacher and senior teams in Primary, Secondary, Special and PRU schools in England and by those who provide performance improvement support to English schools.

School Review's core framework:

  • is based on 98 quality statements drawn from the wording of the Ofsted inspection frameworks, including Every Child Matters, plus additional quality statements to enable cross referencing to other quality standards and the EFQM Excellence Model;
  • includes workbooks to enable individuals to note, against the 98 quality statements, their perceptions of strengths, areas for improvement, supporting evidence and rating.

School Review was launched: in 2001 as version 3.2. It was upgraded to version 3.3 in 2002 and to version 3.4 in 2004 following the publication of Ofsted 2003. It was further upgraded to version 3.5.1 following publication of the Ofsted 2005 Inspection framework, the on-line self evaluation questions and the July 2005 inspection framework for Every Child Matters.

School Review's software features:

  • screens to record notes of the agreed strengths, areas for improvement and supporting evidence for each quality statement with a consensus score ;
  • bar chart screens to show the position against the questions of all the Ofsted frameworks and other themes;
  • automated draft self-evaluations reports against the criteria of the Ofsted 2005 Inspection Framework, the on-line self-evaluation questions and the criteria of the 5 outcomes of Every Child Matters;
  • the position against the criteria of the Investor in People, Charter Mark 2003, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:1996 quality standards;
  • the position against the criteria of Quality Mark, Artsmark, Activemark, Sportsmark and Healthy Schools quality marks;
  • the position against the criterion of the EFQM Excellence Model;
  • improvement action points against each quality statements with an action plan feature that sorts the action points to create plans for Ofsted questions, responsibilities or specific projects;
  • guidance documents, internet links and many useful features to manipulate and output the data stored as a result of self-evaluation;
  • a comprehensive User Guide (pdf) and other help tools.

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