i-Pulse has been developed in partnership with BizVision Limited to enable small businesses, third sector organisations, business units in larger organisations and franchisees to demonstrate their management ability and to support their performance management.

There is a mini website to help you evaluate all the features of i-Pulse. This site decribes the features, with screen images, that provide support. Click here to open ''Working with i-Pulse'.

Alternatively download the software and evaluate it with the mini website open for guidance or use the rapid software evaluation document in.pdf format.

If you have purchased an i-Pulse licence from BizVision click here to obtain your software licence

i-Pulse is used by the Chief Executive and colleagues in small businesses and third sector organisations. They will use i-Pulse to assess the strength of their management practice, identify improvement potential and establish action plans. This will probably be on a 3 month basis.

i-Pulse can also be used by senior managers in larger organisations or franchisors to measure the strength of management practive and performance of their business units. In addition to measuring business unit practice i-Pulse can compare performance.

i-Pulse was launched: as version 3.1 in Autumn 2007. It will be upgraded as appropriate to meet the needs of the users.

i-Pulse's framework and software features: The framework and software features of i-Pulse are fully described, with screen shots, in the mini website Working with i-Pulse.

Latest News: Watch the home page for the latest news on product development