The Company

ADA Assessment Solutions Limited provide performance improvement tools in the context of excellence criteria and quality standards.

ADA Assessment Solutions Limited design and produce software supported, performance improvement tools to enable management in all types of organisations to enhace their results through striving to achieve world-wide standards of excellence and international, national, or sector quality standards.

An objective is to design products that enable senior teams to manage performance improvement for themselves with minimal support from external advisors.

Tools for specific sectors, themes or countries are usually developed with partners to ensure product integrity. Customisation of the core software platform, which is world unique, provides an ever increasing range of products.

The content of the products is based on the research contracts undertaken for UK Government Departments and other organisations. The main focus of these research projects was to identify the benefits of good management practice.

This research has provided in depth knowledge of the practical value of achieving the criteria of Excellence Models and quality standards as used by industry, commerce, public services and schools.

ADA Assessment Solutions Limited have a team which is flexible, innovative and totally focused on the customer. This culture has enabled the company to develop a range of marketing and technical alliances with those who are experts in their field.

The team is led by the founder and Managing Director, Anthony Darbyshire. (+44 [0] 1777 711141)

The business was established in 1990 and is located in North Nottinghamshire in the UK.