Working with College Review
Overview of College Review features The self-assessment structure
Managing performance using balanced scorecard principles Gathering self-assessment information
Outputs from the Balanced Scorecard feature Self-assessment report outputs and improvement management
Strategic analysis using S.W.O.T. principles The options and benefits of scoring management practice

Overview of the College Review features

College Review is designed to provide an effective performance management and self-assessment structure for Colleges. The associate program, Observe, provides a support tool for managing lesson observation. Both programs are designed to provide substabtial administration savings and provide high quality management information.

The range of features are progressively adopted by Colleges as they improve their practice. Colleges may start to use the program in one of 3 main areas:

1. For some colleges the most popular feature is the Scorecard part of the program which is designed to improve the performance of Course Teams, and the College, using 'traffic light' management priciples, and enable SAR information to be gathered and collated. This feature is designed to:

2. Most Colleges organise course team reviews and use selected information to for their annual self-assessment report to their LSC. College Review has a comprehensive self-assessment structure which

The self-assessment framework primarily addresses the criteria of the Common Inspection Framework but careful wording of the quality statements enables the framework to cross references to the quality standards that are relevant to a College.

The software also provides the option to score management practice which provides the basis for a number of additional, beneficial features, including comparison of management practice.

The College Review self-assessment framework provides a consistent course team review structure, more accurate collation of self-assessment information, significant adminisgtration savings and better self-evaluation against the full raange of quality standards.

3. The majority of, if not all, Colleges use lesson observation to improve the learning process. The associated program, Observe (from end October 2006), supports the observation framework.of any organisation, including colleges. It provides an efficient framework for recording observation data with outputs which include the ability to track observation progress over time and group observation files together for members of staff so that observation grades can be compared. Observe saves considerable administration time and produces much better management information than paper based observation processes.

4. Strategic analysis and forward strategy is important to Colleges. There is a feature within College Review to support the analysis of strategy using S.W.O.T. principles and plan for change.

In addition to this mini website which is designed to explain how College Review provides management support there are 3 types of Help in the program to explain features in detail.

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There is a User Guide in .pdf format which is accessed by clicking Read on opening the program. There is a separate User Guide on opening the Scorecard program There are Quick Tutorials in Power Point 'show' format. These are accessed immediately after the initial 'splash' screen and describe in detail the functionality of the screens relevant to specific areas of work . There are separate quick tutorials on opening the Scorecard program

There are traditional Help files which are located at 'Help> Contents' on the main menu bar. Go to Help Index for a list of all the Help files, There is are separate Help files in the Scorecard program.