New Partners

ADA Assessment Solutions Limited are seeking commercial partnership arrangements for the development of new products in UK sectors, or countries abroad.

Experience has shown that partners provide product integrity by making input on the practice of the sector or country and can help ensure successful market development.

ADA Assessment Solutions Limited are keen to extend their proven product portfolio both in the UK and overseas.

Potential markets are:

  • improving the performance of Public Sector business units that are required to undertake annual self-assessment, continuous improvement business planning and management of key performance indicators;
  • improving the business performance of subsidiary companies or business units;
  • improving business performance in the supply chain;
  • improving franchisee business performance;
  • improving business performance in sectors;
  • etc.

Would you like to explore:

  • possibilities for improving performance?;
  • potential performance improvement structures?;
  • potential for new customised software products?;
  • possibilities for forming a partnership with ADA Assessment Solutions Limited?
To explore the possibilities for developing a product partnership with ADA Assessment Solutions Ltd. please contact Anthony Darbyshire (+44[0] 1777 711141).

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