When a program is loaded to a PC it obtains a unique serial number.

To obtain an individual computer licence, following purchase, you must provide this serial number.

You access the serial number as follows:

  • Open the program and click OK on the initial screen regarding the licence.
  • Click ‘Skip’ the User Guide on the initial splash screen.
  • Click ‘Next’ at the Quick Tutorials screen.
  • At the QuickStart screen click ‘Licence’ towards the top right hand corner
  • At the ‘Licence’ click ‘Registration’ at the top of the screen or click the serial number button.
  • Note and provide the serial number to ADA Assessment Solutions Ltd, telephone +44 (0) 1777 711141, fax +44 (0) 1777 711144

(if you have purchased an i-Pulse licence click here to obtain you software licence)

On receipt of the licence number enter it into the boxes on the registration screen together with details of the expiry date. Then click ‘Update’.

The program will then work in full for the duration of the licence period. When the period expires you will not be able to save files or use the print features. Any data you have saved will, however, be safe.

To maintain continuous use of the program, or to re-activate full features, purchase a renewal licence on the terms stated.

If you change your computer or the hard drive in your computer you will need to re-load the program and request a new licence number because a new serial number will have been generated. Given good cause a replacement licence will be issued for the remainder of the existing licence period.